LGBTQI Fertility and Forming Families

While children bring so much joy into our lives, creating a family can be an arduous, stressful, isolating, roller-coaster ride of emotions. You don’t have to do it alone. With group, couple, or individual support, the process can be much more manageable and can become an opportunity for personal growth.

I meet with individuals, couples, and family combinations who are deciding whether and how to have children or are working on creating a family. When lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/gender queer/queer/intersex/etc people form families, they face special challenges. Bringing children into their families can involve difficult choices, many stages of decision-making, and stressful ups and downs. Throughout the process, it can help to talk through questions, work out feelings, and learn coping strategies.

I work with co-parents and individuals setting up sperm donor, egg donor, or surrogate relationships. I work with parents sorting through the myriad of adoption possibilities. I assist couples and individuals come to agreement about their process. I run a support group specifically for people working on conception.

When people encounter fertility challenges, the process is even more complex. I work with people in many phases of this journey, including using reproductive technologies, struggling to find a new approach, or letting go of the hope of child bearing. I also assist people who have experienced miscarriages to heal from the past and move on to a new future.