Transgender & Gender Exploration

I have worked with gender non-conforming people since 1994 and I feel passionate about providing appropriate therapy to this group that has been pathologized and often mistreated by the mental health field.

Many of the people I work with experience their gender in a way that doesn’t conform to society’s expectations of male and female. Some people identify as transsexual or transgender (whether they have chosen to transition or not). Others identify as gender-queer, third-gendered, male, female, neither male nor female, butch, femme, etc. Some people have not found a label that adequately describes their gender identity, and others choose not to use a label.

If you are sorting out your gender identity or gender expression, we can explore your internal identity, how you want to address this with others, and how you might want to make changes for yourself. I do not have a preconceived idea of what a person’s gender expression should be. Instead, I assist you to understand and pursue the choices that are right for you.

Some people come to see me who transitioned long ago, yet they want a therapist who is comfortable and well versed in the issues that gender-non-conforming people often deal with.

Additionally, I work with trans parents in forming families and parenting. I work with gender-non-conforming children and their parents as well.