Couple/Relationship Therapy

I work with all kinds of couples, including partners who are same-sex, transgender, gender-queer, polyamorous, BDSM, mixed race/culture/religion/class, immigrant, heterosexual, and bisexual.

Usually couples come to see me when dealing with conflict or an impasse in their relationship. They may be experiencing difficulties in their communication, sex life, levels of commitment, parenting approaches, gender dynamics, or power dynamics. I work on several different levels with couples and tailor the therapy to their problems and the stage of their relationship to help them to:

  • Feel more connected and passionate together
  • Learn to truly listen and respond effectively to one another
  • Develop communication skills they can use after therapy has concluded
  • Solve sexual deadlock and ignite attractions
  • Break through emotional stalemates to make a new alliance
  • Recover from betrayal or wounds from the past
  • Move through conflicts to find mutually satisfying compromises
  • Work out financial tensions and disagreements
  • Work through differences in commitment, such as the desire to get married or have children

Some couples come for therapy at a crisis point and are grappling with whether or not to stay together. We can sort out that question to find the right answer for you.

I also work with couples who have decided to split up to make the separation as amicable and compassionate as possible.