Individual Therapy

What happens in individual therapy?

Here are some examples:

Sometimes people enter therapy because their life is at a crossroads or they are facing a situation that is overwhelming. I support clients in sorting through solutions that will work best for them. Sometimes people can untangle and move past their dilemmas quickly, and sometimes it takes quite a while, but eventually I work with clients to address underlying issues so that they can foster the kinds of life circumstances that promote growth for them.

I assist clients in learning about, appreciating, and evolving themselves on deeper levels. By understanding how we formed our personality from our experiences and our temperament, we gain compassion and patience with ourselves. When we can view ourselves with openness and even humor, we have the possibility of moving on from old patterns and habits and become truly new.

If we’ve had relationships in the past that taught us distrust or blurred personal boundaries, a trustworthy and honest connection with a therapist can allow us to forge new possibilities in new and existing relationships. When we are working on healing from past wounds, the unique arena of therapy offers the opportunity to heal more deeply.

Everyone wants to feel worthy and loved as an entire person, yet there are parts of ourselves that we rarely expose to anyone else because it feels too painful or risky. I welcome all parts of you as facets of your humanity. When all aspects of us are seen and accepted by someone else, then we can start to find our compassion and understanding for our complete selves.

Over time, trust develops in the therapy relationship. When a disconnect arises between you and me, I will welcome your honesty about your experience, so that by mending it we heal not only our relationship, but also parts of you that never got to heal in the past.

Sometimes we experience a split between what our mind wants and what our heart draws us toward. This kind of division signals an area where we may gain a greater understanding of ourselves and integrate our complex desires. Therapy helps the parts of us to communicate so that we develop ways for them to work together. When we suppress or dismiss a voice inside because we think it’s “bad” or “unhealthy” we rarely resolve conflicting desires. By inviting all voices to be heard, bringing them into light even when we are afraid or ashamed of them, we begin to value and incorporate all of our aspects. Then we can take action knowing we are aligned.