Parents & Children

I work with a wide range of parents on the challenges of raising children. My clients include parents who are multi-cultural, immigrant, alternative, single, LGBQ, transgender, adoptive, divorcing, polyamorous, and have blended families.

From the initial adjustment to parenthood through raising children at all the developmental stages, parenting is the toughest job there is. It is a full-time occupation that pulls on parents’ hearts like none other, and it comes with no training manual or pre-requisite courses. All parents deserve extra support when times are rough. I assist parents in finding approaches that fit them and their children for the situations they are facing. By developing new strategies and habits, they can truly enjoy their present lives and their children.

When parents have concerns about their child, I meet with the parents and with the child and then we’ll talk together to decide on the best plan for therapy or other treatment.